About Us

Anton Senderov, the website and company, is the result of only one man’s hard work and dedication to the real estate industry i.e. the man after whose name the website has been created. Anton Senderov did not start out as an investor in the real estate industry. In fact, his parents always wanted him to be a lawyer. He even studies law for some time but then found out that he was better suited to the world of real estate. Since then, he has never looked back and the upward journey continues to this day. 

Why We Chose Real Estate

One of the reasons Anton chose real estate is that he always thought that this form of investment was never for his personal gains. Yes, when you invest in real estate, you do want to make profits. However, in the process of doing so, you are benefitting your country, society, and local community too. You might start a residential development project that becomes a dream home to hundreds and thousands of people. 

In a similar manner, when you invest in a real estate project, it also benefits people in many ways. Last but not least, these projects bring a lot of value to a certain town, city, or state. Now, our job is to facilitate as many people as possible in getting their real estate projects funded and giving just as many people the opportunity to invest in this market. 

What Is Our Mission?

Our mission is to get as many real estate projects up from the ground as possible. We do this every day by facilitating the investors who are specifically interested in the real estate market. At the same time, we provide an online platform for real estate investment seekers to get their projects funded by people who are not just investing but also sharing their vision. We continue to optimize and streamline this platform every day. 

What Is Our Vision?

Our mission is to form that one online marketplace that serves a global audience in finding investments for their real estate projects and provides investors a place where they can find reliable, trustable, and potential real estate projects to make good use of their investments. We want to become the reason people are able to start their ingenious real estate projects without fearing failures and obstacles of many kinds. 

What Are Our Values?

At Anton Senderov, we have always believed that a business without values is a business with no standing. We stand for certain values and make sure our clients are the beneficiaries of this stance. Here are some of our values that we uphold with pride. 

  • Never letting go of the integrity of our character and moral values irrespective of the prospects
  • Keeping everything transparent for our investors and investment seekers
  • Optimizing the platform continuously to facilitate every user in the best possible manner
  • Investing in and showcasing only those real estate projects that have been created with ethical boundaries in mind

Join your hands with us today and see your project and investments grow