Why Us

At Anton Senderov, we like to do things differently not only for the sake of it but to bring you something that offers more value than other alternatives. For this reason, we have created our platform to facilitate both investors and investment seekers. Furthermore, the creation of our mobile application means we want to make things easy and more manageable for you than ever before. Here are some reasons you should pick Anton Senderov if you are looking to make investments in real estate or want your project to be funded by investors. 

We Verify Our Clients

We don’t hesitate from verifying our clients because we know such hesitation would only contribute to making things difficult for them. If you can’t verify the project you are investing in, how will you invest in the first place? If you can’t verify the investors who are investing in your project, how can you be confident that they will share your vision? Anton Senderov’s experience as a real estate investor himself has lent him the knowledge of creating a well-defined signup process for everyone. 

Every person who passes through this process becomes a verified user. This means every party using our platform can trust the other party. 

We Cater to Investors and Investment Seekers

You can use our online website and platform in a variety of ways. You can sell us your project and let us run it. Another way of using our platform is to sign up with us, provide details of the project, and put it up for crowdfunding. The hundreds and thousands of investors who use our platform every day would be more than interested to scrutinize your project and invest their hard-earned cash if they find it to have potential. 

Last but not least, we are the platform where investors can find not one or two but hundreds of residential and commercial real estate projects to invest their funds. With so much choice, you can always pick the one that fits your budget and offers you the best bang for your buck. 

Our Mobile App Is Robust

We want to take away the red tape from the real estate industry. When it comes to investing or getting funds for your project, you have to go through many different processes. You have to fill out forms and get approval from a variety of people and entities. We have made that entire process much more convenient for you through our mobile application. 

You can manage the properties that you have invested in through our mobile application. You will receive notifications as soon as an important event takes place. In a similar fashion, if you have put up your project for receiving funds, you will get notifications every time you receive funds from someone. In addition to that, you can update your profile and project details from your mobile when you want. 

We Operate with Minimum Fees

One of the things that keep so many people from investing in real estate is the fees that they have to pay. When you want to invest in a property, you have to get an advisor onboard with you. They charge you fees and then they might hire some more professionals who will charge more fees. 

At the end of the day, when you pay so many types of fees, you make nothing out of your investment. All of the fees and charges you pay are paid out of the profit you are supposedly going to make if your investment produces a return. We have kept those fees low so you can make the most of your investments. 

We have spent time in real estate to know what annoys investors and fund seekers. Sign up with us today and know what we do differently