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With Anton Senderov, you are getting access to one of the most reliable online platforms that provide you with a slew of real estate investment opportunities. These real estate projects belong to a variety of categories so you can always pick the one that suits you. We focus on large projects that comprise big residential housing development and various commercial projects. 

The best thing about signing up with Anton Senderov is that you are not limited to buying and purchasing deals only. We also have many projects that are based on rentals. At the same time, you can be a part of loan that is given to a commercial property owner for renovating their business or opening a new branch. When they return the payments, you make a profit in terms of the interest paid on your financed amount. 

Here is what you need to know before you start investing with Anton Senderov. 

Create an Investor Account

We have our platform available to both, investors and those who are looking for investments for their projects. When you join the platform, you have to make sure that you select the investor account so you can reach its specific features. Being an investor with Anton Senderov has many perks and incentives. Firstly, you get to become one of the thousands of other investors who are actively investing in hundreds of residential and commercial real estate projects. 

Secondly, you get access to thousands of investment opportunities that have been properly verified by us before they appeared on our website. It is totally up to you to invest in many projects as possible. There are some with bigger risks but also better rewards. There are also projects that require a very small investment and give a small return. It is up to you to decide which strategy you want to work with.

Go through the Project Carefully

When you look at a real estate project, there are many details that you will have to go through. Firstly, you would want to read the sales pitch that has been created by the originator or project owner. Secondly, you will be able to look at the documents that serve as proof of the project and give you evidence that it is legitimate. Worry not because we have already verified these documents and allowed the project to appear on our platform only after proper scrutiny. Last but not least, you should read the roadmap that has been given the originator to know where the project is going to go in the future. 

We have to remind you here that we take the responsibility of bringing you the best and most lucrative real estate investment opportunities. However, which one you pick depends entirely on you. We don’t want to influence your decision in any way. 

Get Updates on Your App

Once you sign up with us and open an investor account, it would be best that you download our mobile application. Our application is designed to facilitate you in every way and make real estate investing process easy for you. A lot of things that require daily and manual updates have been automated on the application. For example, you will not have to manually keep an eye on every project that you have invested in. 

You can keep track of all the updates coming from the projects that you have put in your investments. Are they going in the right direction? Is the owner of the project asking for investments again? Are you about to get a return for the investment that you made? There is a lot that you can update and get updated on when you are on our mobile application. 

Know the Fees and Charges

To provide you with our online marketplace of hundreds and thousands of real estate investment opportunities, we have to have funds too. We arrange those funds in the form of fees that we charge from our investors as well as those who initiate a real estate investment project. However, you can rest assured that our fees are the lowest in the market and will not affect the profits that you are about to make from your investments. This is what makes us proud that we charge you the minimal amount from your investments and returns, allowing you to keep most of the profits you make on your investments. 

We have our phone lines opened 24/5 for you to get in touch with us and know the fees and charges in detail before you invest in any project. Remember that this small fee on every project you invest in is what keeps us going and optimizing this platform to give you the best returns on your investments. 

Open your investor account today, sift through the best real estate residential and commercial projects, and start building a portfolio and your wealth from today