Why Real Estate Investment

At Anton Senderov, we have chosen real estate investments to be the center of our focus. That’s because our founder found this market to be generally profitable even during the worst of economic conditions. Not to mention, he believes that real estate benefits humans like no other form of investment. Here are some detailed reasons as to why you should consider investing in real estate. 

Not Reliant on the Stock Market

One of the major benefits of investing in real estate is that it is not tied to Wall Street. The global economy may be down, but if you have a piece of property in an area with a robust local economy, your property can still be worth quite a bit.

The real estate market is also not tied to the stock market; while both markets can rise and fall together, they often move independently. When one goes up or down, the other might stay constant or do the opposite. This means that you’ll see less volatility when investing in real estate versus stocks or other investments like bonds and mutual funds (which tend to rise when there’s economic growth).

  • You can get a tax shelter.
  • You can deduct the interest on your mortgage.
  • You can deduct property taxes.

The recent pandemic situation saw this trend in action when real estate experts thought the market would stagnate but it didn’t. The rise of the market continued even in the worst conditions. 

Multiple Ways to Make Money

So, what exactly do you get out of investing in real estate? The answer is threefold. First, you can make money through appreciation. Appreciation is the increase in value of a property over time. Second, you can also make money from cash flow – or the amount of money you make from renting out your property. Third and finally, investment properties offer tax benefits that can help reduce your taxable income overall (or possibly even eliminate it).

Start with a Small Sum

Before real estate became digital, you could own a house or commercial building by paying the down payment. The down payment allowed you to live in the house or start working on the commercial property however you wanted. However, Anton Senderov has made things even easier for you if you are a real estate investor. 

We give you a list of verified projects in the residential and commercial realms that you can go through and pick. With a very small amount, you can become a part of the project so when the returns start to come, you keep getting back the percentage that’s equal to the investment you made.  

Real Estate Is Usually Stable

Real estate investments have been shown to outperform stocks over time due to inflation—a rate at which prices rise over time due to higher demand for goods and services. This means that even if your home wasn’t averaging 20% gains each year (which would be unheard-of), it would still be increasing its value over time because costs were rising faster than wages were being adjusted by employers.

Anyone Can Access Real Estate

Real estate is the most stable and profitable investment that almost anyone has access to. In fact, real estate was one of the best investments during the Great Recession because it had such a low correlation with stocks and bonds. In other words, it wasn’t affected by what was going on in Wall Street and commodities markets.

If you are looking for an investment that can be used as a tax shelter, then buying rental properties would be an ideal option for you. You can purchase properties with 100% financing (no money down) or with very little money down through private lenders. 

This means that your tenants will be paying off your mortgage every month so that your equity grows faster than normal! You can also get cash flow from each property by renting them out – either individually or combining them into one larger property if space allows – which will help generate additional income from rents each month!

Start Investing in Real Estate Today

Are you thinking about becoming a real estate investor? The good news is that real estate is a great way to get started with very little money invested upfront. If you’re willing to put in the work, there are also many ways that you can make money from your investment over time through appreciation, cash flow and tax benefits. 

At Anton Senderov, we provide you with some of the most lucrative and reliable real estate projects that are going to give you great returns on your investments. With small investments, you don’t have to take a big risk. However, with small gains from many properties, you can definitely build great wealth. Sign up with Anton Senderov today to explore your true real estate investment potential.