Our Story

Anton Senderov was started with a purpose in mind and the man behind its creation was always for the benefit of people through innovation. Anton Senderov is the name of the owner and founder of the company. His parents had the dream of making him a lawyer and he started studying the field but quit early. 

He never found much interest in it and wanted to do something that allowed him to benefit his local community and humans as a whole. The idea of creating new housing societies, big plazas, and other similar developments always fascinated him. This made him realize that he wanted to dive into the real estate industry. 

Anton Senderov’s Story

Anton started by investing in small piece of land that was supposed to have a residential house built on it. After this plot gained value, he was quick enough to take a decision and sell it back in the market for a big gain. This allowed him to pay the down payments for two pieces of land this time. While one of these plots did not prove to be a great investment, the other one definitely was. 

After constantly putting in and pulling out his funds from these residential markets, he finally wanted to try something different. That’s when he came to the commercial side of things. He had this thing about him that when he invested in something, others only saw that investment gain huge returns in no time. 

He became famous as the person with the golden fortune. However, Anton knew he was not being lucky, but instead, he was making his choices very carefully. His constant success at investing in commercial properties earned him great respect among his peers and they all wanted to join him to form a partnership. 

That’s when Anton came up with the idea of Anton Senderov as a company and website. He soon materialized this idea before it was too late and provided investors with a place where they could find projects with great potentials. 

Anton Senderov Continues to Soar 

Today, Anton Senderov is one of the most well-known online resources for people who want to invest in real estate. At the same time, it has become a great place for those who want to receive funding for their real estate projects. Those who join this platform are fully aware that the portfolio of properties on the showcase has been picked by Anton, who is known for his unmatched real estate skills. 

He has created these detailed process through which every property, project, and investor has to pass before they become a client of Anton Senderov. This means every project, investor, and investment seeker on this platform is reliable. This gives people a great confidence boost and allows them to pick Anton Senderov as their investment partner. 

Today, we have created our own mobile application that makes real estate investing easy and brings forth some of the most lucrative and potential real estate projects in front of the interested investors.