Get Funding

Are you launching a real estate project that you need funds for? Are you interested in stating a residential development project? Or are you more about erecting huge buildings with commercial offices and shops in them? Whatever your needs, at Anton Senderov, you can find the type of investments you are looking for. More importantly, you will find investors who share your vision and are thus passionate about your project just like you are. 

Here is what you will have to do to get funding on Anton Senderov.

Create a Crowdfunding Account

If you have a project and you are short on capital to proceed with it, we can provide you with the cash you need to get your project going. However, keep in mind that you will not be associated with one particular investor when you sign up with Anton Senderov. We let you create your campaign and set up your sales pitch. Once you have done that, all the verified investors in our database have access to your project. They will read about it, go through your sales pitch, view all the documentation that needs to be scrutinized and decide to invest.

If they can see things just like you are, there is no reason for them to not invest in you. Since most of the investors on our website are angel investors, you will be getting small amounts from them, which will collectively become huge enough to cover the costs of your project. 

Be a Likeable Person

You will be surprised to know that your personality matters just as much as your sales pitch and project in convincing investors. Believe it or not, if you have great sales pitch and an amazing idea that the investors have never heard of before but a personality they don’t like, the chances are that they will not invest in your project. Now, the question is how you can become a person that they like. 

You can do that by being as responsive as possible. When they ask you a question, you should answer them. On the crowdfunding page, people have many questions about your project and its scope. You have to interact with them as much as possible. At the same time, you have to keep updating them about your project and where it is heading. 

The more updates you bring to them, the more they like you. This gives them a signal that you are serious with your project and will make it possible. 

Be Realistic with Your Targets

Make sure you are realistic with your targets. You have to clearly define how much money you will need for the project. At the same time, you should give enough time for investors to come up with that money. We have created this platform to bring real estate to every person who has ever found interest in this market. These people are not always very wealthy. They might have some savings that they want to use for investing in real estate. 

In a nutshell, these people invest small amounts to collect a huge fund that is enough for your project. It is important that you set realistic targets and ask for an amount that makes sense. If you are too optimistic about your targets, you might not get anything because the investors might think that you will never be able to meet your target. 

Don’t Forget the Fees

Do keep in mind that you are using Anton Senderov’s platform for collecting funds for your project. We have certain fees in place that you will have to cover. However, you can rest assured that our fees are the lowest among any competitors that you will find in the market. In fact, our low fees set us apart from the rest of the competition. We make sure we only take enough to cover our expenses and let you enjoy your profits. 

Offer a Good Return

If you have a commercial real estate project, you will have to offer something good in return to the investors. You cannot ignore the fact that investors are not giving charity. They are investing and when someone invests their money into something, they need a return as well. Firstly, you have to show them how quickly you can return their money. 

At the same time, you have to give them numbers that prove that they will get some returns on top of the amount they have invested. It is up to you how you give them a return. You could offer them equity, a shop in the building you are about to build or something else that you think will offer a great return to the investor as well. You can always call us and discuss your options with our advisors to get help with this part. 

Start your real estate funding project with Anton Senderov today and get the funding you deserve faster than ever